Tools That Make Life Easier

Looking for a way to show us what you like about an image or website? Make it clear by using Snagit, a software that enables you to capture images, point with arrows, callouts, etc. When you are done, you can easily send an email to us. TechSmith is affordable and offers a free 30-day trial. You can get your free download here:



Having trouble keeping track of usernames and passwords securely? What about your employees? This tool can fill in your passwords, create custom passwords, and fill out forms automatically. I have over 300 and growing. It works with your pc, laptop, or even your cell phone: Download Here


At UTurn Consulting, when we decided to form our LLC, we shopped around and discovered many expensive options. We were not impressed with the $700 quote from one attorney. We also learned from a colleague that several years ago he paid $3,000 to set up his LLC. We found that LegalZoom was an affordable and helpful option. Forming an LLC was simple and cost our company only $250.


Timing is everything when it comes to creating a custom web design. At UTurn Consulting, we believe in making our creations into a process and a system. Basecamp is an online tool that allows us to collaborate with the client and keep track of the images, files, videos and any other information that needs to be passed back and forth. This can prevent the headaches that come when you are trying to find an email from several weeks back. It might benefit your business as well. You can download a free trial: