In in effort to be more available to our clients and provide you even better customer service we have set up a new office.  It’s conveniently located  at Christman Parke in South Edmond. Feel free to call or drop by. It’s at 1241 East 33rd St. Edmond, OK 73013.

Google TV is one of the latest technology releases. In the Fall of 2010 viewers will be able to browse the web right from their TV. Televisions will come pre-installed with Google TV and Google Chrome. Imagine the increased traffic that will come to your web site. No longer will people be have to be logged on to their computer to find you on the web.

How compatible is your your web site with these changes? How easy will millions of TV watchers be able to browse your site with a remote? Is your site engaging enough to keep them there? What sound and videos do you offer on your site?

As a web design and development provider we want to stay on top of the technology for our clients. There are some key components that are significant when designing a website that is Google TV friendly.

Here are several of the questions people are asking:

Q. Is the TV browser different than the one on my personal computer? Can I access the same content?
A: The browser on Google TV is simply the Linux version of Google Chrome. While the user interface is modified slightly for the TV form factor, most of the rendering and web platform capabilities are consistent with desktop versions of Google Chrome and you will receive the latest updates automatically.

Q. Which version of Chrome will Google TV ship with?
A. Google TV will ship with Chrome 5.0. However, it will get upgraded with over-the-air updates.

Q. Will Flash websites work with Google TV?
A. Yes. Google TV supports Flash 10.1 and hence Flash websites will work.

Q. Is this yet another browser platform that I need to test my site on?
A. Google TV utilizes Google Chrome as the browser, so most websites that function in Google Chrome should operate correctly on Google TV.

Q. How can I make sure my site works with Google TV? How do I optimize my site for Google TV?
A. You should test your website on Google TV to ensure it functions correctly. To optimize your website for TV, please refer to website design guidelines at In the future, Google TV will also support a set of TV-specific APIs that will allow you to navigate TV content.

Q. If Google TV is running the Chrome browser, is it capable of running Native Client apps?
A. We will not have native client app support at initial product availability.

You can read more interesting information here: Web Designers/Developers

Call or submit a contact form to discover how you can get your current web site up to speed with the technology or create one that is compatible with the changes.

UTurn Consulting presents…talking web people. Maybe you been on a site before and you really liked the way that the little person came into the bottom of the screen. A neighbor of mine figured something like that had to cost at least 100K. This is the perceived value that these little videos can portray and a price tag that doesn’t come close. We now have the ability to provide you with over 50 actors to choose from and you can have them say what you want them to and dress them in your desired color and style. It’s a very affordable and efficient way to get people talking about your talking web person and the site that you put them on. It’s under $500 to a video like ours:

Call or email us to get yours ordered today.

Facebook and Twitter seem to be THE  keywords when it comes to marketing plans these days. It never fails in our scope meeting with potential clients that the client or our company discusses Facebook, Twitter, blogging,  or all of the above.  Some would say that is only a passing fad. It could be, but what marketing methods do not change with society and technology?  The other day a phonebook company inticed us with a “latest offer” to put an ad in the phonebook. I had to laugh with the thought of people looking in a phone book for a web designer. Maybe it still happens on occasion but it stands to reason that company looking for a web designer is going to be searching online for an online service.  It is more likely that they are plugged in to social networks and will ask their “followers,” or “friends,” or “bloggers” who they might recommend.

Because of the need for social networking in today’s Internet society it is important that you include this in your online presence.  Before you know it you can be plugged into networks of people around the world whom you can count on for valuable information, leads, and resources.  Give us a call and see how we can increase your exposure on the largest social networks in the world. You can be up and running on the Twitter, Facebook, and/or blog of your choice.

If you are like me you were a little hesitant to drop more than $200 on a phone, but the iPhone is more than a phone.  I broke down the other day and got one.  I have to admit that it’s worth every penny and I can see why people are so thrilled to own one. It’s the perfect tool to integrate with your website. Join the fun and you will be among the 55,000 iPhone and iPod users who have already downloaded the latest iPhone app to edit their WordPress on the phone. Take advantage of the WordPress for iPhone 2.1 application. It’s free to download and use.

UTurn Consulting became a new member of the Edmond Chamber of Commerce.  We appeared in the Edmond Sun who welcomed our business. Here is the article:

Joel & Marla Beaird, owners of UTurn Consulting, LLC, are joined by Ambassadors of the Edmond Chamber for a ribbon cutting to celebrate their new business. UTurn Consulting, LLC is a web development and design firm that specializes in creative and innovative designs. For more information, visit or call 641-6872.

While mapping out a very extensive website we realized the importance of keeping up with the details. There is nothing more frustrating than spending hours discussing your website only to find that the details were lost between the time of discovery and the actual development. In other words, you didn’t get what you asked for and you have to go through the discovery process all over again. This causes a loss of valuable time for both the client and the designer.

Rather than depending on someone’s mind to remember all of the facts and concepts we have employed the use of a cool tool by Mindjet, called MindManager 8. Not only can you put concepts into an image, but there is something satisfying about “downloading” your brain onto a map. A small business or ministry can include some very extensive details that tie to other details. For most of us our brain works with images rather than words. Taking all of the thoughts and making them to an image, linking them to various websites, planning steps of action, and setting up resources are just a few of the tasks that this takes care of. The first time I saw one for my own business it really put the ideas together for me.

For the month of September UTurn Consulting is offering 1 hour complementary Mindmap consultation for small businesses and ministries. Whether you are a business start-up or are looking to improve upon your plan we will take your thoughts and ideas and turn them into a Mindmap. Take a look at the example in the image at the top of this post and visualize your own business ideas in it’s place. Following our session we will send you the map in a format that you can use as a reference and tool to keep you on track with your business plans.

Get in touch with us and schedule a time to mindmap your business plan and/or website.

Designing a website can be a daunting task. For most companies or small businesses they already have a site and know it needs a facelift. Even if you are having a professional company do the work for you it’s a challenge to know where to start.

I like to think of it as a simple process. Here are some key things to keep in mind:

  • Be creative. Your business is unique and deserves the look and feel that communicates your message to your audience.
  • Bounce ideas off your business partners, spouse, and family- you will be surprised with what they can do for you.
  • Keep your branding consistent. UTurn Consulting takes our clients through a Market Identity Style Guide.
  • Don’t over complicate the process. Take bite size pieces or you will get exasperated.
  • Let a web design company assist you. A quality web company will have a system set up to walk you though this process.
  • Don’t get in hurry. Your business didn’t start overnight so why should your website. Being professional takes more time and thought than being sloppy.
  • Design your business cards, letterhead and brochures around a consistent look and feel that your website has.
  • Have fun. Don’t get bogged down with the details but let the designers and developers do that while you focus on your content.
  • Have tools in place to properly communicate the message that you want displayed on your site. At UTurn Consulting we employ Basecamp, a online software that allows all the parties to track the progress of the project as well as add messages and files.

For more ideas look through our services page. Be sure to click on each of them to find more details.

shuttle-launch-800x6001May marks the launch of UTurn Consulting design and marketing group.

I know what you are thinking: “Another web design company?” I can assure you this we are a more than the average company and you will see the difference. In doing business online I have discovered a need for a complete system of design and marketing. Getting a web design company to take your money isn’t a challenge but getting them to do a quality job that is professional and worthy of your investment is hard to come by.

Though the programmers are abundant and designers can be found on every corner, I discovered it was a challenge to find a company that could do things the way they should be done. How many times have I found a company that offered to do web design who had not taken the time or money to developing their own website? Not to mention the countless “computer geeks” who were more than willing to design for me but didn’t have an understanding of my business or professional business practices.

A quality web design company is more than just a designer/developer. Though these are key factors in a web presence, one cannot neglect the  infrastructure that supports each aspect of the business. These may include customer support, email follow-up, documentation, and a clear-cut mode of operation. Clients appreciate the flow of a business that operates like a business rather than leaving them to wonder what you are going to do with their hard-earned marketing dollars.

UTurn Consulting is company that not only offers a complete line of services for your online presence but has a system that is professional and efficient. Many times the greatest holdup in getting your design done is not knowing where to start. We have a comprehensive survey that can help put your thoughts together and help you know what you need to include and think of.

We are careful to document each step along design and development process through our online system project management system, called Basecamp. Basecamp allows the client and our team to share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, and centralize feedback. No more frantic searching through past emails received several weeks back or wondering if we got an image sent over by the client.

Though we are launching this company we are not starting from scratch. We represent a team of designers and programmers, project managers, customer service representatives and others that offer 100 years of combined experience. If you live in the Oklahoma City area we would love to meet with you in person. Please contact us today.