Google TV is one of the latest technology releases. In the Fall of 2010 viewers will be able to browse the web right from their TV. Televisions will come pre-installed with Google TV and Google Chrome. Imagine the increased traffic that will come to your web site. No longer will people be have to be logged on to their computer to find you on the web.

How compatible is your your web site with these changes? How easy will millions of TV watchers be able to browse your site with a remote? Is your site engaging enough to keep them there? What sound and videos do you offer on your site?

As a web design and development provider we want to stay on top of the technology for our clients. There are some key components that are significant when designing a website that is Google TV friendly.

Here are several of the questions people are asking:

Q. Is the TV browser different than the one on my personal computer? Can I access the same content?
A: The browser on Google TV is simply the Linux version of Google Chrome. While the user interface is modified slightly for the TV form factor, most of the rendering and web platform capabilities are consistent with desktop versions of Google Chrome and you will receive the latest updates automatically.

Q. Which version of Chrome will Google TV ship with?
A. Google TV will ship with Chrome 5.0. However, it will get upgraded with over-the-air updates.

Q. Will Flash websites work with Google TV?
A. Yes. Google TV supports Flash 10.1 and hence Flash websites will work.

Q. Is this yet another browser platform that I need to test my site on?
A. Google TV utilizes Google Chrome as the browser, so most websites that function in Google Chrome should operate correctly on Google TV.

Q. How can I make sure my site works with Google TV? How do I optimize my site for Google TV?
A. You should test your website on Google TV to ensure it functions correctly. To optimize your website for TV, please refer to website design guidelines at In the future, Google TV will also support a set of TV-specific APIs that will allow you to navigate TV content.

Q. If Google TV is running the Chrome browser, is it capable of running Native Client apps?
A. We will not have native client app support at initial product availability.

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