Facebook and Twitter seem to be THE  keywords when it comes to marketing plans these days. It never fails in our scope meeting with potential clients that the client or our company discusses Facebook, Twitter, blogging,  or all of the above.  Some would say that is only a passing fad. It could be, but what marketing methods do not change with society and technology?  The other day a phonebook company inticed us with a “latest offer” to put an ad in the phonebook. I had to laugh with the thought of people looking in a phone book for a web designer. Maybe it still happens on occasion but it stands to reason that company looking for a web designer is going to be searching online for an online service.  It is more likely that they are plugged in to social networks and will ask their “followers,” or “friends,” or “bloggers” who they might recommend.

Because of the need for social networking in today’s Internet society it is important that you include this in your online presence.  Before you know it you can be plugged into networks of people around the world whom you can count on for valuable information, leads, and resources.  Give us a call and see how we can increase your exposure on the largest social networks in the world. You can be up and running on the Twitter, Facebook, and/or blog of your choice.