shuttle-launch-800x6001May marks the launch of UTurn Consulting design and marketing group.

I know what you are thinking: “Another web design company?” I can assure you this we are a more than the average company and you will see the difference. In doing business online I have discovered a need for a complete system of design and marketing. Getting a web design company to take your money isn’t a challenge but getting them to do a quality job that is professional and worthy of your investment is hard to come by.

Though the programmers are abundant and designers can be found on every corner, I discovered it was a challenge to find a company that could do things the way they should be done. How many times have I found a company that offered to do web design who had not taken the time or money to developing their own website? Not to mention the countless “computer geeks” who were more than willing to design for me but didn’t have an understanding of my business or professional business practices.

A quality web design company is more than just a designer/developer. Though these are key factors in a web presence, one cannot neglect the  infrastructure that supports each aspect of the business. These may include customer support, email follow-up, documentation, and a clear-cut mode of operation. Clients appreciate the flow of a business that operates like a business rather than leaving them to wonder what you are going to do with their hard-earned marketing dollars.

UTurn Consulting is company that not only offers a complete line of services for your online presence but has a system that is professional and efficient. Many times the greatest holdup in getting your design done is not knowing where to start. We have a comprehensive survey that can help put your thoughts together and help you know what you need to include and think of.

We are careful to document each step along design and development process through our online system project management system, called Basecamp. Basecamp allows the client and our team to share files, meet deadlines, assign tasks, and centralize feedback. No more frantic searching through past emails received several weeks back or wondering if we got an image sent over by the client.

Though we are launching this company we are not starting from scratch. We represent a team of designers and programmers, project managers, customer service representatives and others that offer 100 years of combined experience. If you live in the Oklahoma City area we would love to meet with you in person. Please contact us today.